Gala 2019: All-Time Success!

We are slowly collecting each expense and will soon have the final accounting from our 2019 INCREDIBLE Celebrate St. Madeleine’s event, but for now we are thrilled to report that our gross total amount raised will be somewhere near $300,000 !!!  This ensures that after expenses, we will make our budgeted goal for operations and also be able to ‘Fund the Future’ and fulfill our 2019-2020 school year loan obligations.  By far the most successful event in school and parish history! 

We are all still basking in the glow of an amazing evening, each and every person from our community truly shined! From Becky and Mike Ronan, spearheading the event, to the amazing generosity from the Adamo family – each person helped make the night extra special!  We can’t thank everyone enough, from all the behind the scenes volunteers, to everyone who brought a dessert for the dash!  Our list of thank you’s in the school newsletter reflects our sign-up geniuses, but we know there are SO many more to thank!  If you were able to join us at the gala, you had a chance to see an emotional video depicting our blessings and highlighting the sacraments that mark our lives here at St. Madeleine Sophie. Our Seraph Family is our biggest blessing, and we are so grateful for your kindness, generosity and commitment to our community!

One of the many highlights of the evening was a special recognition of Richard and Maryiln Houser, long time parishioners and school supporters.  St. Madeleine’s lore will forever speak of the crucial roles they played in our beginning years, and we are forever grateful for their friendship support and kindness to each child they encountered. We wish them they VERY best in their retirement in Wyoming! YEEEHAWWW!