Kindergarten is a wonderful time of discovery in the life of a child. At St. Madeleine Sophie Catholic School, our Kindergarten program is a literacy-rich, full-day program, five days a week. This format gives us the great luxury of time together to build oral and written language skills, to explore math and science concepts, to interact socially and to deepen our faith. It is specially designed for the young child – engaging, stimulating and challenging.

Kindergarten is a time to explore and wonder. It is a time to paint and build and read. Children put on puppet shows, build patterns and listen to stories.  We learn the conventions of print, the connection between oral and written language, and how to complete assignments and tasks.

At St. Madeleine Sophie School, our Kindergarteners learn their A-B-C’s and 1-2-3’s, and so much more. While play-filled, Kindergarten is also serious work: ours is an outcome-based program covering the Essential Academic Learning Requirements of the state, and so much more. Ours is a faith-filled community that honors and celebrates the unique aspects of each person. Ours is a supportive, loving environment that nurtures the development of each child.

Something special is happening here at St. Madeleine Sophie Kindergarten. Come be a part of it!