Your Child’s Development

Parents often approach us with questions about what is common and developmentally appropriate for their child’s age.

We are grateful to school counselors Denise Rousso (St. Anne) and Jennifer Moyer-Taylor (St. Joseph) for allowing us to reproduce this short compilation of their research in order to assist you in navigating these sometimes challenging, yet wonderful times.

Be aware that children move through these stages at different rates, some sooner, others later.

We hope you find their words helpful.

Your Kindergartener SMS 2015 

Your 1st grader SMS 2015 

Your 2nd grader SMS 2015

Your 3rd grader SMS 2015
Your 4th grader SMS 2015
Your 5th grader SMS 2015

Your 6th grader SMS 2015 

Your 7th grader SMS 2015
Your 8th grader SMS 2015