Tuition Information

St. Madeleine Sophie School tuition rates are set to be reflective of the amount the parish will expend to educate each child.   The requested pledge toward those rates varies based upon parishioner status and income.   Listed below are the rates for Fall 2019.

Stewardship Tuition

The maximum requested tuition amount for registered parishioners is $9,138 annually per student Grades K-8. 

It is our intent to ensure that every parish child has the opportunity to attend our Catholic elementary school.  At the same time, it is the responsibility of parish leadership to make sure that resources remain available to continue offering quality programs to meet the needs of others in the community as well.  In that vein, we ask that each family with the means, pledge the maximum commitment.

For those who find that impossible yet are still desirous of the program we offer, parish members in good standing are offered the option of a reduced tuition payment in the form of a Sliding Scale matrix based on their income and number of their children enrolled in St. Madeleine Sophie School.  Verification of income will be required during the registration process. *  The matrix calculation per child for 2019-20 is as follows (Tuition quote is based on per pupil cost of $11,288):

2018 Adjusted
Gross Income
Per Child
Tuition at left reflects a parish scholarship award of:
< $25,000$1,214$10,074
> $125,000$9,138$2,150

* Please supply either the first page of your 2018 tax return showing your adjusted gross income OR your 2017 return AND current proof of income level.

In those cases where the matrix would still require an over-extension of family resources, we provide the opportunity to explore additional assistance through our Tuition Review ProcessIf you are a registered, participating, and contributing parish household*, we want you to know that we’ll work with you to make this school a reality for your children.  Your first step is to submit ALL requested information on the Grant & Aid link on the FACTS web site.  After the school receives their assessment, we will confirm a tuition amount with you.

A St. Madeleine Sophie Parish Family is defined as having at least one parent or guardian baptized Catholic.  In addition, the family actively participates in the life of the parish.  The family must be registered in the parish office, participate in Eucharistic celebrations, and maintain an annual Stewardship Card on file, making regular contributions to the financial support of the parish.

Families receive the in-parish tuition rate provided they meet the above criteria.  If the criteria are not met, the billing status will be changed to the out-of-parish tuition rate.  Records will be monitored quarterly.  Parishioners will be notified of any delinquencies.

Each family that uses the Sliding Scale or requests Tuition Review is asked to notify the Principal should their income change during the school year.  Tuition may be increased or decreased in relation to the change in your family’s financial situation.

Non-Stewardship Tuition

The cost of tuition for non-parishioners is

$11,288 annually per student Grades K-8.

Tuition for out-of-parish families is equivalent to the cost of educating a child at St. Madeleine Sophie School plus an amount determined to reflect what the average Parish family contributes in the Sunday collection.  The parish Sunday collection is the main source of income from which the parish subsidizes school operations.

PK Tuition

The tuition for MORNING PK for both parish and non-parishioners is $6,122 annually per student.

The tuition for AFTERNOON PK for both parish and non-parishioners is $3,016 annually per student.*

*See Pre-Kindergarten Design Elements for Afternoon eligibility information

The morning PK program is offered five days a week from 8:30am until 12:00pm.  The afternoon session runs from 1:00pm until 3:00pm.  The goal is to have any fees collected match the expenses we incur in its operation.  There is no Sliding Scale matrix for PK.

Tuition Obligation

Payment of tuition is required for all children enrolled.  St. Madeleine Sophie School does not provide free enrollment or reduced tuition in exchange for goods or services.  Tuition is billed in advance.  In the event of early withdrawal from the program, tuition will not be prorated for refund.  In addition, liability for the total annual tuition obligation shall accrue according to the following schedule:  If written notice of withdrawal is received by the School office from April 1 through June 30 – 25% of the total annual tuition obligation; July 1 through the first day of school – 50%; from the first day of school through December 31 – 75%; and January 1 through the end of final term – 100%.  An adjustment to any portion of this policy for reasons of unforeseeable circumstance is at the sole discretion of the Principal in consultation with the Pastor.

Registration Fee

As a planned funding strategy for the program, the School Commission has chosen a tuition structure that tries to reflect all associated costs of operation.  Thus, we have decided against requiring many of the usual array of additional fees and charges.  And while field trip charges, Environmental Education Camp (Grade 5), and upper school technology and retreat fees are requested separately, the reality of pre-hiring staff and materials necessitates that we secure a financial commitment to the program in advance of the first tuition payment.  This commitment – referred to as the Family Registration Fee – is collected each year during registration to meet that need.

The 2018-19 Registration Fee in Grades K-8 is $375 per family.  For families with a Pre-Kindergarten student only, the registration fee is $275.  (Note:  A PK sibling of a child enrolling in K-8 will be included in that family’s $375 registration fee.  No additional amount will be collected.)  Registration Fees are refundable ONLY in cases where the school cannot place your child.   A family who chooses not to attend after enrolling, for whatever reason, forfeits this fee.

Payment Plans

Each family selects from a list pf payment plan options via the FACTS tuition management system as either an automatic transfer, credit card transaction, or billed statement.  The FACTS Tuition option is chosen when you set up your online account.