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Catholic Stewardship calls us to live as disciples of the Lord; being responsible stewards of the gifts God has given us.   All members of the parish have their own roles to play in carrying out the mission of Christ’s Church.   Parents are called to nurture their children in the light of faith.   Parishioners are called to work in concrete ways to make St. Madeleine’s a true community of faith and a vibrant source of service to the larger community.   All Catholics are called to give generous support of time, money, prayer and personal service – according to their circumstance – to parish, archdiocese and the universal Church.

 Specifically, the spirit of Stewardship asks that:

  • Our financial donation to the Church should be proportional to our income.   Scripture lists 10% as the ideal tithe.   A suggestion would be starting at 1% and slowly increasing over the years.
  • Our donation to the Church and other charities should come from the “first fruits” of our resources, not from what is left over after paying all the other bills.   Some families write a monthly check for the parish before paying all the other bills.   Some other families sit down and write the four (sometimes five) weekly checks for the Church before paying the bills, and then set them aside for their weekly contribution. 
  • Our donation is given in a spirit of thanksgiving for what God has given us, and is done in the context of Sunday Mass.   A Stewardship donation is brought to the altar and is part of the offering at Mass.