Schoolwide Learning Expectations (SLEs)


The SLEs of St. Madeleine Sophie School are statements of what a student should know, understand, value, and be able to do by the time they are ready to leave us and enter 9th Grade. These learning outcomes are collaboratively developed, regularly reviewed, and represent the focus of the entire school community.

Thus, as a graduate of St. Madeleine Sophie School, I recognize that IN FAITH:

As a person who SERVES, I… –  Can demonstrate a value for diversity and work to become an advocate for justice.–  Name and appreciate the abundance of my daily blessings.

–  Attempt to reach out to others by sharing my gifts of time, talent and resources.

–  Actively demonstrate involvement in my faith community and neighborhood.

–  Commit to a lifestyle that models my faith journey.

As a person who LEADS, I… –   Work collaboratively with others for the betterment of the whole. –   Accept responsibility for my actions and myself.

–   Listen actively and critically to become a proactive problem solver.

–   Commit to seeking peaceful resolutions of conflict.

–   Base my decisions in Gospel values.

As a person who LOVES, I… –   Can demonstrate compassion, acceptance, empathy and respect for others and for all of creation.–   Seek to affirm a positive image in others and myself.

–   Am emotionally aware, self-disciplined, and committed to a healthy lifestyle.

–   Reach out to others, forgive hurts, mend relationships and heal wounds. 

–   Develop a relationship with God.

As a person who LEARNS, I… –  Can demonstrate my knowledge of the beliefs, history, and practices of my faith.–   Commit to the goal to master or exceed our school’s curriculum standards.

–  Take responsibility for my own learning.

–  Apply the organizational, study, and time management skills that best fit my style of learning.

–  Strive to show creativity and independence.

–  Develop self-discipline, self-confidence, and self-motivation.