Middle School

Program Design & Philosophy

Our intention is to produce students who are curious, self-motivated, independent thinkers; students who posses an internal compass which allows them to discern their own talents, assess their own weaknesses, and realize their own aspirations.

St Madeleine Sophie School provides all middle school students (grades six, seven and eight) with a developmentally appropriate program that is specifically designed to guide adolescents through this transitional period in life from elementary to high school.  Our program is student-centered and promotes responsibility, independence, self-esteem and self-confidence.  It has its foundation built on Catholic core values.

We place special emphasis on exposing our students to real-world opportunities to act out our Catholic values and to develop a mind-to-action connection, thereby seeing a practical application of academic knowledge.  Social justice, leadership and service are important components of our middle school program.  Students participate in community activities where they can share their light with the world around them.

In middle school we seek to improve students’ self-discipline, increase their organizational skills, encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning, and build their own Catholic identity.  We aim to offer our students the opportunity for growth and empowerment, with awareness of social issues and the ability to make a difference.