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St. Madeleine Sophie Catholic School requires a complete student uniform in good, clean condition to be worn at all times. The Principal determines any exceptions on designated “Non Uniform Dress Days.”  These uniforms contribute to the school’s sense of pride and harmony and are a tradition of Catholic schools.

Included in that tradition is a climate of values which stresses personal respect and dignity, care for others, and the pursuit of academic excellence. Student dress should be consistent with these values and the stated goals of the school. To this end, any attire or appearance that is seen as disruptive to the learning environment, contrary to stated values, or presenting a safety hazard, is not appropriate. In short, students at St. Madeleine Sophie School should appear neat, clean, and modest in dress. Parent and student support of these standards is seen as most important to maintaining an acceptable norm of school dress and in helping promote a positive learning environment.

Following are the acceptable guidelines for each part of the uniform for the Lower School, Grades PK-3, and for the Upper School, Grades 4-8.   Note that the two uniform options are not identical and that certain parts of the uniform must be purchased through the Dennis Uniform Store or the school’s uniform exchange.

Note: Khaki-colored apparel and navy knit shirts for boys or girls are Grade 4-8 options only. Similarly, should a “spirit hoodie” be approved during a particular school year, it becomes an option for Grades 6-8 only.

Uniform Policy Grades PK-3

Uniform Policy Grades 4-8

Uniform Policy ALL STUDENTS

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