Castello Award 2019

As most of you know, each year during our Gala we present the Castello Award to a person who has been instrumental in assisting our parish school in developing our mission to Serve, Lead, Love and Learn.  The Award finds its origins in the story of Blessed Margaret of Castello.  You can learn more about this remarkable woman and the townspeople who supported her here.

This year’s award was presented to internationally renowned attorney Michael A. Patterson, and accepted posthumously on his behalf by the Patterson Family.  Mike’s unwavering advocacy for St. Madeleine’s on so many levels, while mostly unseen by many in the casual day to day here on campus, was invaluable not only our founding, but in our continued growth.  We know he continues to promote us from above, and we continue to be blessed each day with the treasured efforts of his daughter-in-law, Jessica Patterson.  With friends like these, we can never fail!