Federal Funding To Provide Ongoing Staff Professional Development

Staff at St. Madeleine’s will begin working this August with noted specialist Hanna Bogen to enhance classroom strategies that will benefit students at all skill levels.  Funding for the year-long program is provided through a federal education allocation under the Every Student Succeeds Act (ESSA) administered by the Department of Education.

Recognizing that a child’s self-regulation skills as early as preschool are the best indicators of longitudinal success, we know that numerous students – regardless of their academic aptitude – continue to struggle to exhibit the foundational self-regulation, emotional-regulation, and communication skills needed to access their educations during later years.  For many students, coordination of support among caregivers, educators, and specialists is the missing link for global success.   Ms. Bogen’s professional development and consultative services help to complete that link and ensure that teachers receive the training and resources they need to successfully support students.

During her quarterly on-site visits (and through on-line consultations), Hanna’s work will include:

  • Supporting successful communication with parents and caregivers to enhance student growth, academic success and social success.
  • Implementing student growth goals to support the ongoing development of self-regulation and emotional-regulation skills for all students.
  • Coaching teachers to identify strategies to empower parents and caregivers to mirror school-based strategies and tools intended to enhance student success.
  • Coaching teachers to enhance individual and group self-regulation and executive functioning within the classroom setting.

Hanna Bogen, M.S., CCC-SLP is a Speech-Language Pathologist and Social-Cognitive Specialist based in Los Angeles, CA with a primary focus on interventions that support self-regulation, social communication, executive functioning, and speech and language deficits. In addition to clinical work, Hanna consults and collaborates with school and therapy teams to support greater understanding of her focus areas, as well as provide strategies and resources professionals can use with students. Hanna has trained Preschool- 12th grade teachers, parents, and professionals in California, Oregon, Washington, and beyond.   You can learn more at www.hannabogen.com.