Blessing of the New Classrooms

On Wednesday, September 16, following our first school Mass of the year, our students, faculty and friends gathered down around the new classrooms as Fr. Jim and Deacon Joseph gave their prayers of blessing.

At the conclusion of the blessing and right before we sang “Happy Birthday” and two of our youngest students (CiCi and Lucy Josey) along with our “oldest” student (Fr. Jim) blew out the candles on our birthday cake, the 8th grade read together the prayer they have authored for us to recite during this year of favor.   We topped off the morning with cake supplied by Mrs. Marie Co and the Parents Club – the first of our many birthday bashes this year. A VERY fun morning!

St. Madeleine Sophie School 10th Birthday Prayer

Dear God,

As St. Madeleine Sophie Catholic School celebrates it’s 10th Anniversary, we give thanks to you for the many blessings you have provided our parishioners, staff, students and teachers over the first decade of our school.

We are thankful for the visionary parishioners who worked with Fr. Jim and Mr. Sherman, to encourage the spiritual and financial support necessary to make our school possible.

Over the years, many people have been a part of our school’s journey, beloved teachers, admired families and students as well as wonderful school and parish staff. We pray that you watch over all those who have cared for and supported our school since it’s inception.

We ask that you bless those new students and teachers that have joined our community this year and help them to feel welcomed into our community.

We thank you for giving us this opportunity to worship today and ask that you continue to help us live our lives as your Son did – Serving, Leading, Loving and Learning.

We ask this all in Jesus name, Amen.

Class of 2016

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