Afterschool Coding

Our most popular after school class is BACK! Many thanks to Mrs. Miller for offering this amazing program again! This year, coding will be available to students both in-person and virtually. There will also be two separate courses available throughout the school year starting in October. Registration is available here:


If you have any questions about which course would be best for your child please email Mrs. Miller at 

Course 1: Introduction course for 2nd -4th Graders on Tuesdays 

This course is aimed for students in 2nd-4th Grade who are looking to explore beginning computer science. Using curriculum created by TechSmart, a Seattle based EdTech company, students begin by learning drag-and-drop block-based coding. This will provide a strong foundation for students and would assist in a transition to writing line-based coding in Python. a language professional coders use. The course includes a variety of coding techniques, exercises, and projects. Coding encourage critical thinking and problem solving, as well as offers a fun, creative, and safe space to explore technology! 

Course 2: Advanced Course offered to 5th-8th Graders who have completed last year’s Intermediate Course, or who have coding experience, on Thursdays 

This course is aimed for students in 5th-8th Grade who are looking to deepen their understanding of coding. This class is best for students who have already taken the Beginner and Intermediate classes with Mrs. Miller. However, students with other coding experience are definitely welcome! This course will transition students away from block based coding and into line code. Students will write programs that use both blocks and Python line code in the same editor. They will learn text commands gradually, replacing one block at a time with written code.