Organizational Management of the School

While the oversight for diocesan and parish educational management flows from the Archbishop to the Pastor as described in the Revised Code of Canon Law, this is done within a framework of collaboration with many individuals and consultative groups.  In a Parish school, the decision making process moves from broad to specific actions with each level entrusted to a specific group or person.  At St. Madeleine Sophie’s, a unique blend of Pastor, Administration, Parish Pastoral Council, School Commission, Faith Formation Commission, Finance Council, Development Committee, Parents’ Club, and a number of other groups, all might take a role in formulating an end product.

Two distinct tiers of organization form the umbrella support for St. Madeleine Sophie Parish as Roman Catholic faith community for the South Bellevue area:

  • Catholic Archdiocese of Seattle:  the regional division for the Roman Catholic Church in Western Washington, stretching from Bellingham on the north to Vancouver in the south and from the Pacific Ocean eastward to the summit of the Cascade mountains.  The chief officer of the diocese is the Archbishop.   The diocese was formally established on May 31, 1850.  A division of the diocesan administration, the Catholic Schools Office, serves as the link to the local level in the areas of guidelines and consultation.  The Superintendent of Schools heads this office.
  • Eastside Regional Deanery:  a subdivision of the Archdiocese with the primary intent to aid in regional planning.  The Eastside Deanery, of which St. Madeleine Sophie’s is a part, represents the 14 parishes and 9 schools in northeast King County from Lake Washington and Mercer Island east to Snoqualmie.

If you desire a more complete description of Parish governance, contact the School office.  You may also wish to study a number of different publications, among them – Many Gifts, One Spirit:  Policy and Guidelines for Parish Consultative Structures available online or through the Parish office.