Allergy Information


It is important to remember that during any given year we could have students enrolled who have mild to somewhat severe nut or other food allergies.  We take daily precautions to make sure that they are separated from any situation where they could become exposed.  We ask that you always review with your child’s teacher any snack considerations BEFORE sending treats to be distributed in the classroom.  A popular link to common nut-free snacks is located here.

As per Archdiocesan guidelines, it is left to each school to determine the local ability to meet the needs of students with severe medical needs that are considered life threatening.   With no employed health professional on staff at St. Madeleine’s, it is important that the family of the student makes available necessary health care professional(s) to assist in devising a reasonable and mutually agreeable plan of support. This plan should include medications, medical supplies, and alternate foods, if necessary, to meet the student’s needs.