SMS Safe Start 2020

We have made it to August, a month typically filled with playdates, summer trips and beach days. However, our reality looks a little different from summers past, and no one could have ever predicted we would be in this current situation. We hope you and your families are doing well, and most importantly staying safe. Things are changing each day, and we continue to rethink everything and anything with input from the Office for Catholic Schools, Department of Health, the Center for Disease Control and city of Bellevue officials, we have also spent considerable time talking with our Faculty and Staff, Parish leadership and many families to consider everyone’s hopes and concerns moving into the 2020-2021 school year.  

While there are a thousand things to consider, and the lists and contingency planning has been exhausting at times. Our mission remains the same, St. Madeleine Sophie School is dedicated to providing the highest quality education in an environment of Catholic faith and moral values. We seek to develop Christian leadership by promoting active service in the wider community.  Our graduates will be equipped to meet the challenges and opportunities of life-long education in a diverse and complex world. Building lives of promise. Living lives of faith.

We have spent the summer months, cleaning, re-building, rethinking and restructuring our physical campus to follow guidelines and best practices. Our task to prepare for everything possible without knowing what September will look like has seemed insurmountable, but has allowed us to remain focused on our Theme for the 2020-2021 school year to “Love one another”. 

At St. Madeleine Sophie School, we value the sanctity of life, and the health and safety of those in our care above all. We strive to be a community of believers where parents, staff and students can grow in the knowledge and love of God and one another. In our pursuit of academic success, instruction emboldened by Catholic values functions as the underlying reality in which the students’ experiences of learning and living reach their deepest meaning.

As reports continue to change everyday, at this time in planning for September, Parish and School leadership feel that to ensure the safety and health of all in our St. Madeleine Sophie community, we will begin the fall term with a remote learning platform. Our safe start will ensure that we can teach health and safety measures, precautions, and new procedures as we move towards our hopes of again being in person when it is safe. 

Similar to our surrounding school districts, we will monitor the progress of the disease and scientific facts to inform our decisions, but unique to our program we will also use our Catholic social teaching and ethical and moral considerations to guide our decisions to only do what is safest for everyone in our community. 

We know this is not the “normal” way any of us had hoped to return to school, but we are confident that when we can all be together again, we will be more united than ever having faced the challenges of our world as an SMS Family. 

Please be assured that the Faculty and Staff have already begun improving upon our remote learning program from the Spring to ensure that our educational experience is as uninterrupted, rigorous and rich as possible for the Fall. We hope to also provide new virtual community opportunities and innovative programming for enrichment beyond academics. In the coming days, we encourage you to participate in a Parent survey so we can serve all our families best. 

Thank you to so many who have reached out and shared their prayers, concerns, hopes and fears. As we continue our countdown to the First Day of School (September 8), things will keep changing in our world, but one thing remains constant, our St. Madeleine Sophie School Family is the most courageous and strong group of people who in Faith, SERVE, LEAD, LOVE and LEARN!