A BIG Gift for SMS Robotics Team!

St. Madeleine Sophie School Robotics Team, run by Mrs. Angela Ensminger unveiled their newest scientific Robot Thursday morning to a jubilant class of Third grade students. All thanks to a very IMG_0153generous gift from The Reinleitner Family. Paul Reinleitner graduated from St. Madeleine Sophie School in 2016 and loved being part of the Robotics Team; he is now having lots of success at Newport High School.

The 5 new Wedo 2.0 Robots Sets from LEGO Education feature wireless technology that allows for students to program, build, and run functional robots. These hands-on sets encourage our students to get involved in science explorations by asking questions, creating argumentations, analyzing IMG_0147data and communicating findings. Our SMS middle school team members were able work with small groups of 3rd grade students to collaboratively explore our new Wedos. The LEGO Education curricula cover real science practices, including: gathering evidence, planning and carrying out investigations, and designing prototypes to solve real-world problems. We are so thankful for this generous gift and can’t wait for all our students to try out our new robots!